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Mail Stations:
If you get a ton of mail at your house every day, a mail station may be for you. Papers can often get distorted and gross when placed simply on the countertop or in the living room. Bringing them to the office and sorting them based on what they are and who their for makes it easy for everyone to check their mail, and get the things done that they need promptly. You can find mail stations on both the desktop or even some that can hang on the wall for a solution that is out of the way.

Hide Wires:
Wires can be a pain in the booty, right? They are an eyesore and can end up a tangled mess depending on what all you have plugged in and are using. So, get rid of the eyesore by hiding all those wires. All you need is a chic and stylish box with a couple of holes in it to hide the wires without interfering with your connection and usage. No more unsightly wires, and no more hassle when trying to work at the office desk throughout the day.