Drug Test For Alcohol

Some events and activities such as competitive athletics tournaments, recruitment to the military, and treatments of diseases require drug testing. This is basically the technical analysis of biological specimens to ascertain whether those specimens have or lack any drugs.

We are going to examine the common methods that are employed in drug testing. The procedures followed to do the same, what to do to pass the drug tests and the benefits of drug testing.

Hydrogen Breath Test

Also called HBT test, hydrogen test is mainly employed as a diagnostic tool to determine whether the small intestines may have any bacterial overgrowth or carbohydrate malabsorption. It is quite simple, non-invasive and takes a shorter duration of time. It is mainly carried out typically 8-12 hours after a fast.

Hair Test

In the hair test, the hair is sampled and taken to a laboratory for analysis. The analysis involves the detection of any metabolites, illicit drug use, and the potential misuse of the prescription medicines. The test covers the 90-day duration prior to the day the test was taken. In all, this test is not so reliable as hair in and of itself is the dead matter which contains fewer active ingredients.

Oral Fluid-based Drug Screen

Certain oral fluids such as saliva may prove handy for the testing and detection of drugs like cannabis, metabolites, cocaine, amphetamines, and opioids. The tests are simple and instantaneous. This is to mean that they take a comparatively shorter duration of time to perform and analyze. This makes them quite handy and reliable for use and adoption.

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